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Fine chocolate flavor occurs at the intersection of art and science, and these two realms are equally fascinating! I have embarked on a journey to discover the range of flavors related to terroir, ferment, roast, and processing of cacao beans.

In addition to flavor, I am interested in the cacao's genetic, cultural, economic, and ecological provenance. My cacao is carefully sourced with sustainability and the well-being of everyone who comes into contact with it in mind - from farmer to eater.

As I explore beans and flavors, I will also explore ways to tell the stories of cocoa farmers and help you place my flavors in the broader context of the cocoa world.

~ Enna


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chocolate bars

Visit our shop to see what bars are currently on offer. SUMMER NOTE: Chocolate production is on hold while we focus on building out our new space. New bars will be available in September.


tastings & factory tours

We are building a tiny chocolate factory in Epping, New Hampshire. Stay tuned, our opening date will be announced very soon! We will host tastings and other events at our tasting table.


for chefs & retailers

Are you a chef or restaurant owner and are you interested in working with craft chocolate? Are you interested in offering Enna Chocolate to your retail store customers? Please email me for information about collaborations, couverture pricing, and wholesale pricing.



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Come Quickly, I am tasting the stars!
— Pierre Pérignon

Enna Chocolate is crafted entirely by hand in micro batches using ethically sourced cacao. Chocolate’s flavor depends first on origin [terroir + genetics + farming practices] and second on the chocolate-maker’s skill and senses [sort + roast + crack + winnow + grind + conche + temper + mold + lots and lots of tasting]. Enna's mission is to learn the story of cacao, explore the range of its chaotic complexity of flavors, and share this magic with you. 


at the origin:

Grow / Harvest / Ferment / Dry

Enna’s chocolate is made from genetically diverse cacao trees - including wild, and newly discovered or resurrected varieties. This cacao is from farms where the crafts and science of cacao growing, harvesting, and fermentation are being preserved and carefully refined, leading the way in the world of craft chocolate. Each bean Enna works with carries an exciting story of sustainable and ethical farming and commerce.

in our kitchen:

Sort / Roast / Crack / Winnow / Grind / Conche / Age / Temper / Mold / Wrap

Navigating the possibilities and challenges presented by all the variables at each of these steps is a wild and bumpy road. The chocolate-maker must use her palate and knowledge to finesse the best flavors out of her beans: balancing acidity, astringency, bitterness, earthiness, and other elements which are not always pleasing.

Enna’s chocolate is made with just two ingredients: carefully sourced cacao, and pure organic cane sugar. You may swear you taste more: lemon, cinnamon, rum, green grass, raspberry, apple, tobacco, mandarin, lapsang, fig, mushroom, jasmine, wintergreen, licorice, cedar… every bean, with its particular combination of genetics, terroir, and ferment carries potential for incredible flavor.