roasting test: Tanzania Kokoa Kamili

An excerpt from my roasting notes:

1. Wine, chocolate, tears, earth, fruit. Satisfying, soulful, deep - matches the scent of the fermented un-roasted beans.

2. Frangipane, ripe green melon, apple jolly ranchers, children playing.

3. Summer, bright sparkles, toasted almonds, a bitterness one wishes to follow.

4. Soothing yet sour, something is falling flat. Wine gone. Sour bananas, sour lemons, sour almonds.

... and so it goes. This roasting test will be done at 3 different temperature combinations, 10 time-steps each: 30 samples to taste and chart. 

I am excited about these beans: my heart was swallowed up the moment I cut the bag open and breathed their scent. 'Intoxicating' is the predominant feeling about what I'm tasting so far. This is all about learning how to roast and discern flavor; chocolate comes later.

Enna GrazierComment