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La Mosquitia is a vast and wild region in the easternmost part of Honduras along the Mosquito Coast, and extends into northeastern Nicaragua. It is a region of tropical rainforest, pine savannah, and marsh accessible primarily by water and air, and it is the world’s largest biodiverse region outside of the Amazon. Its population includes indigenous and ethnic groups such as the Miskito, Pech, Rama, Sumo, Garifuna, Ladino, and Creole peoples. This cacao is grown and harvested by indigenous farmers deep in La Mosquitia, and transported out of the jungle to a central firmentary on a four-day journey via dugout canoe. We purchase this cacao direct from Biosphere, a US / Honduras based company that works closely with the farmers and facilitates the complex task of procuring, fermenting, and exporting this cacao.


“We live in a world gone crazy for resources. Everybody on Google Earth can look at this place now. If you don’t move to protect it, it will disappear. Everything in the world is vulnerable.” 

~ Douglas Preston, The Lost City of the Monkey God

sourcing partner: Cacao Direct