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I am on a mission to explore the full range of exquisite flavors that can be found in chocolate, beginning with raw cacao beans from around the world. Each bean's origin boasts a unique flavor, which we elevate and honor in the preparation of its chocolate. I invite you to visit our factory for a tour, join us on a chocolate adventure, and enjoy the taste experiences that we create for you through each of our products.

~ Enna

My Story

My chocolate journey began with a desire to deepen my connection to my local food community. This inevitably led to chocolate... as all paths do, right?

I loved my creative career as a photographer, but after years of working long weekends away from my family I wanted to shift subject material away towards material that would be nearer to my heart and home. I started my career change by shifting my focus (literally) from weddings to doing photography assignments for chefs in our wonderfully rich New England food region.

While I worked on this career shift, I started studying chocolate. It was a perfect way to calm my mind and stay centered. I started making chocolate in my home kitchen in 2015, and as I made my initial batches of chocolate, I shared each trial with chefs, friends and family. This initial period of practice occupied my heart and mind for the years during which by serendipity I was hired to photograph a book for the wonderful chef Evan Mallett. Nibbling on and discussing flavor profiles of my chocolate test batches became a regular interlude during our photo shoots. When we wrapped up the book project, Evan begged me to license my home kitchen so I could start selling my chocolate to his restaurant. And so, Black Trumpet became Enna Chocolate's first customer. Collaborating with chefs continues to be one of my favorite outlets for my energy and passion.

Now - more than five years later - the world of chocolate proves ever more vast and complex: the more I taste and learn, the more interesting this world becomes.

Through chocolate I've been able to dive deep into my passion for learning about people in other parts of the world, how they live, and how our economies and communities intersect. It is an honor to learn about and share their stories and the fruits of their labor with my customers.