Madagascar 70%

Madagascar 70%

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Lemon, raisin, rum, lemon. A bit of raspberry and red wine too. Madagascar's cacao is some of the fruitiest in the world. 

Almost all cacao grown in Madagascar comes from an area about 50 kilometres in radius and represents less than 1% of the world's cocoa production. The cacao plantations can be found in the Sambirano region within the Ambanja district. The area is named after the Sambirano River which runs from the foothills of Madagascar's highest peak Maromokotro through the Sambirano Valley and the countryside and eventually into the Indian Ocean. Due to natural seasonal flooding of the river, the soil along the Sambirano riverbed and its surrounding cacao plantations are highly enriched with minerals and nutrients. Most cacao plantations in Madagascar are small farms run by families who have been growing cacao in their natural environment without use of fertilisers and mass farming methods for generations.

This 70% bar contains roasted cacao, organic cane sugar, and less than 1% cocoa butter to aid with tempering.


ingredients: roasted cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter