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Trinidad 72% Dark Chocolate

tasting notes: molasses, buttermilk, wine, clove

note: we are down to our last few bars made with the 2019 harvest. We're fine-tuning our roast profile for the 2020 harvest and our first batch will be ready soon! The newest harvest has a sweeter more raisin-y flavor profile, a bit less wine and spice than the magical 2019 harvest, but still delicious in new and interesting ways.

Point your fingertips to the sky and reach as high as you can. Now keep stretching, take a deep breath, and sweep your arm in a huge circle. Put your whole body into it. Put your heart into it. That’s the flavor of this chocolate: big, bold, joyful. Pomegranate molasses melting into smooth tangy buttermilk, then a supremely long and multi-layered complex wine finish with a touch of spice, clove.

In 2018 we sampled a few beans from this farm and instantly fell in love. The 2019 production was very small but miraculously we were able to purchase the entire lot. It is an honor (and also a tremendous responsibility) to be the sole chocolate-maker working with the fruits of Herbert Pasqual’s labor with the world.