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Light Trails


“New England Champurrado”

Our homage to New England’s indigenous and colonial heritage, combining heirloom corn, exotic spices, and fine flavor cacao in one special bar. Long before the colonists started drinking tea or coffee, they were consuming chocolate.

ingredients: 72% Maranon, Peru chocolate (cacao, cane sugar), with Narragansett Flint corn grown by Tuckaway Farm, Serrano chilies, and Poudre Forte spice blend (cinnamon, ginger, grains of paradise, Italian sea salt, allspice, cocoa butter).

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The Slow Food USA Ark of Taste says: "We should do everything in our power to ensure this gift from pre-colonial times survives through the 21st century." This heirloom corn variety was passed down from Narragansett Native Americans to the first European settlers in Rhode Island. This corn is being grown at Tuckaway Farm as part of the Heirloom Harvest Project. We’ve combined this corn with a warm spice blend that was popular throughout Medieval Europe (poudre forte). These spices may have been one of the tastes of home brought along by the European colonists to the Americas. 

The Marañón cacao that we’ve used for this bar contributes citrusy fruity flavor notes, making the whole taste experience of this bar invoke an exotic and other-worldly holiday spice cake.