Tanzania / Kokoa Kamili 80% Dark Chocolate

Tanzania / Kokoa Kamili 80% Dark Chocolate


tasting notes: banana, meyer lemon, and a bit of sparkle

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We haven’t had Tanzanian cacao in stock for a while, so it’s really exciting to have it back!

tasting notes: the last time we made this it had tasting notes of raspberry, cherry, coffee, lemon. This batch is more creamy, less acidic. It has a pleasing astringency that sneaks up during the finish, causing you to want to take one more bite. This chocolate also has a quality that can only be described as 'sparkle'. Not a full effervescence, and not a heat. Just a glint of inspiration, spontaneous tears, the starry sky, a curtain drawing back to hint at something big. It comes in like a kitten, not ordinary, not wild either... but just wait for the finish. It grabs your attention: deep, velvety, wistful and pure. Long after you think you've moved on you'll find yourself gazing into space - hello tastebuds, I am Chocolate! - and, dreaming of what can be.

ingredients: this bar is 80% roasted cacao, 19.5% organic cane sugar, and .5% organic cocoa butter.

about the cacao: Kokoa Kamili works with approximately 2000 farmers in the fertile Kilombero valley. The farmers receive top dollar for their cocoa, and the coop has an agricultural extension field officer on staff who supports the farmers with training on cocoa agronomy. The coop pays a high price for cocoa, enabling the farmers to decide for themselves on the best use of this income, whether it be upgrading their roof, sending their child to a better school, saving for a rainy day, or simply enjoying a little more spending money. Before the coop was formed these farmers sold their cocoa to a lone buyer who represented the commodity market, and they were paid the lowest cocoa prices in the country. Through Kokoa Kamili they now receive some of the highest prices paid for cocoa throughout Tanzania (most recently 22% above market rate). Kokoa Kamili also purchases cocoa from a nearby convent which runs a hospital, orphanage, and school.